You already know because it’s in your DNA.

My body and its internal terrain. My final frontier.

This is my path. A seven-year journey of which I am more than half way through. To explore new and naturally hygienic ways to better serve the needs of my body. In front of me, a strange new world; a simpler life. One of continually seeking out new and improved ways of life while not getting in the way of the currently beneficial processes. To seek out and rediscover ways of living based on the principles found within my own body. Within my DNA.

We’ve had the answer all along. We already know…

…that when it comes to diet and lifestyle choices that there is always room for improvement. I, like most of you, am fully aware of the less-than-stellar decisions I have made regarding my body and the things I have put in my mouth.

3.5 years into my own journey and I still struggle with what I know is right and to the contrary, what I want to do. Old habits are like an old friend that keeps coming back, but fortunately, good sober-minded decision-making gets easier with time.

What is the way?

It’s not something we have to find, our body already knows because it is the way. We don’t steer our body any more than we steer the Earth in its course. We just need to let go and simply listen. My body is my guide and when I listen it tells me the way. I bet it is that way for you too.

I want to live a life of ease rather than one of disease. My skin. The largest and most important part of my existence which I cannot live without is wiser than I could have ever imagined.

Your body loves you and keeps you alive and it wants you to listen…8)

Here is how I eat. A dietary day in my life looks like this if you are interested.