Saturday Morning Reflections – April 1, 2023

The more I learn about the human body, physiology, and disease pathology, the more I am convinced that there is no one diet that will fit all.

Yet, here we are on F-Book where influencers abound, preaching their own take on diet and lifestyle in a way that would make most believe that there actually is a one size fits all diet and lifestyle. And these individuals might actually believe their own press.

I speak from experience because I’ve done my fair share over the years.

We are all as different internally as we are all different externally and visibly.

If one wishes to live a longer and healthier life, I highly recommend reading the book The Blue Zones and implementing the diets and lifestyles of the people that are written about in this book.

For me, that looks like a whole-food diet coupled with daily exercise and lots of stretching, topped off with a full-body lymphatic massage(self).

There will be individuals you meet who can thrive on a vegan diet, a frugivore diet, a pescatarian diet, and so on. Personally, I would steer clear of keto and carnivore diets for anything other than weight loss, and only for a limited time. These last two do work really well at helping individuals lose weight, but in the long run they will result in deficiencies and malnourishment.

And most importantly, LISTEN TO YOU BODY!!!

When it comes to diet and lifestyle choices, it has two messages for you pleasure and pain. If you are doing things the wrong way, you will find yourself in a state of discomfort or even acute pain. If you are doing things the right way, your body will reward you with dopamine. Narcotic use excluded…LoL

On To More Rewards

Many years ago I would say I lost my way. Or, perhaps the powers that be saw an opportunity in me to be a good example for others. So on I went about my merry way barely making two sober-minded decisions a day and few of them ever were when I was sober, because, who has time for that…LoL

Whether it was alcohol, a 1-pound bag of Skittles, a HUGE bowl of salty/buttery popcorn, or any other thing in life I could add to my equation to stimulate me was on the menu most of the time. Sober-minded decisions were not being made.

I found it first took a clean, sober body before my mind was able to make sober-minded decisions…😎.

I love how ultimately it is my body that goes before me and if I walk in its ways, following its paths of righteousness, I find myself missing the mark less and less. Oh…And I don’t miss my old life one bit.

It has taken me 50 years to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I believe I finally understand what it means to truly love myself and I’m ready for another century to learn more, serve more, to live more. Because LIFE is the reward.

I could have missed the pain but then I would have missed the dance according to Garth Brooks. I couldn’t say it better.

I’ve spent the last five years recovering from a life of excess consumption of many things that were not beneficial for my overall life and wellbeing. I am grateful for every day that I have before me and I am very happy that I began listening to my body.

When I began this journey I thought I was just giving up drinking but it has been so much more than that. A return to a fullness of life and a life much more abundant.

Our body speaks to us continuously if we listen. It whispers but sometimes it floods. And it has two messages; pleasure and pain. One for when you do things the wrong way leading to death and the other pleasure(reward) for doing things the right way leading to life.

I have found that life is much easier living in a state of reward…😎

And I thank you all for letting me tell this story.

On to more rewards.