Colonization. A Virus of the Mind?

Is there any point in time where the species homo sapiens sapiens wasn’t engaging in the act of colonization? I think not. And it is my suggestion that it is an intrinsic part of human nature and existence. That at the very least there was at some point in human evolutionary development a beneficial and necessary use for it as a function. My question now, though, is, does it still serve that same purpose as beneficial for evolution, or is it a part of evolution that is truly fading away?

Personally, I would like to think that colonization is in a state of atrophy, ultimately becoming functionless in human evolution.

Why do we inherently, as humans, want to colonize everything? Because it is a virus we have. A virus of the mind.

Perhaps a poem?

From cradle, to grave, what first steps taken?
Amongst ancient echoes ancestors awaken.
From a primal urge, to an endless drive,
We seek, we explore, we expand, to thrive.

Down verdant valleys, over rugged peaks,
Our relentless quest, a conquering spirit seeks.
Is it a force of nature, primal, raw, unrefined?
Yes, colonization – a virus of the mind.

This tribal aspiration toward empire inclined,
These seeds of dominion, domination refined.
The human species conquered and mined,
Through every era this behavior entwined,

Our urge to conquer, to claim, to bind,
What distant treasures await we will find?
To what do we owe this quirky desire,
Will it grow like a flood, or burn out like a fire?

The world we know shrinks under our gaze,
This mystery of old continues to amaze.
We ponder most deeply, evolutions fair stride,
Is this urge now a relic to be cast aside?

Will these ancient impulses still find room,
What once was progress, now slated for doom.
In a world so connected, no longer so vast,
I sense a shift, a call to recast.

This virus of mind, once vital, now lame,
Humanity ponders evolution’s new aim.
This ancient desire, through atrophy fade,
Once evolution whispers, a new way is made.

We once were seekers of lands to possess,
Now stewards of self, undoing distress.
A mind’s fair dance through time and space,
Perhaps a new rhythm will find its place.

From conqueror to healer, transitions we make,
Survival in balance, for our planet’s sake.
As nomads of history, we write in our genes,
A bold new chapter of destiny convenes.