Letter To a Future Me[editing]

I am currently writing a book called, “Chew Digest Chronicles.” And I am getting pretty close to being done with the first volume.

You’ll notice I emphasized, first volume because I plan on publishing books like this on a regular basis as a way to catalog my thought process as well as share my thoughts in the form of essays that are easy enough to digest one at a time. Digestible essays of at least 500 words containing my thoughts as I continue my journey of understanding from a lifetime of bad judgment and not so sober-minded decision making that almost led me to the brink of destruction. A life that was filled with a physical disease as well as mental disorder; a mind continually embroiled with chaos.

This book in one sense is me publishing a letter to and for my future self as well as my succeeding generations. A forever journal that I want to share with the rest of creation. A digest of my thought processes cataloging the fruit of my auto-didactic labors for a future me. I fully expect that there will come a time when Artificial Intelligence reaches such a point that, given enough information, a future me will be able to have a nice sit-down dinner with my future family ten, twenty, or even thirty generations into the future. That I will be able to speak to them from a catalog of my own specific thoughts and wisdom because of a publicly available written record of what is going on between my ears and behind my eyes.

I fully believe that a time will come when we will be able to, in some sense, upload a snapshot of our consciousness into a virtual space or even a cybernetic organism that will be able to inhabit the same space we humans currently do alongside our future family. But only if there is sufficient code based written data to draw from be it spoken word, or actual written text like what I am doing here. I imagine it would be smart to do both so that even our facial expressions and other dramatic gestures can accurately depict who I am now in a future space long after I have left this current physical form.

I am also writing this book and the rest to follow to help people better understand human physiology and disease pathology at a level that even a 14-year-old can understand. I would like people to be able to understand the things that I didn’t that landed me in a world of hurt so that they don’t have to end up suffering the same fate that I did. I can’t go back. I can’t send myself a letter to a 15-year-old me telling me what not to do, but I can pay that debt of regret forward as a future gift not only for all of future humanity but especially to the kids, grandkids, and future generations of those nearest and dearest to me that still think that they are invincible in their ways like I once did.

To Be Continued…