I am Adam Matryoshka

The human species is not simply a bunch of rugged individuals all living on a blue marble orbiting the sun but a single entity. And for the fun of it, I will refer to this creature as ADAM and that ADAM lives amongst 8.7 million other species of plants and animals here on the third rock from the sun.

That we, as individual discrete organisms, are actually microorganisms within the greater macro-organism, ADAM. Which is also a species-level micro-organism consisting of some 3.8 million parts working together within Mother Nature, or what some might call Biofilm Earth.

Mother Nature(Earth) is a holobiont, and we(ADAM), too, are a holobiont. And who knows, maybe even our cells and microbes within us are also holobionts. Like a Matryoshka doll all the way down. Holobiont refers to an organism and its symbiotic partners (typically microbial) together as a single biological entity. The concept underscores the idea that the macro-organism and its microorganisms are so interconnected that they operate functionally as a single unit. The term “holobiont” derives from “holo-” (meaning whole or entire) and “biont” (meaning living entity). The combined term suggests an integrated system where the host organism and its associated microbial communities interact in ways that influence each other’s fitness, development, and evolution.

ADAM is simultaneously a discrete whole as well as a part of a larger whole. ADAM can be understood as the constituent part–wholes in and of a hierarchy. ADAM is a subsystem within a larger system, simultaneously evolving while also a part of a greater evolving system composed of other species as well.

ADAM is, by definition, a holon. Holons are self-reliant units with a degree of independence and can handle contingencies without asking higher authorities for instructions. Holons are simultaneously subject to control from one or more of these higher authorities. Holons are stable forms that can withstand disturbances and are intermediate, providing a context for the proper functionality of the larger whole.

I want to present a better, more accurate, simpler, more holistic understanding of how something like the black plague, Spanish flu, or our most recent species-level event that just happened is not spread by an invisible viral particle or a demon but through quorum sensing and mirror neurons. Basically, it is a communication system used by what I will refer to as bacteria(INDIVIDUAL HUMANS) to monitor and respond to changes in population density by altering gene expression. Essentially, it’s a way for bacteria(HUMANS) to “talk” to each other and coordinate their behavior, much like individuals in a large crowd of discrete species adjusting their actions based on the number of other species around them. This coordinated behavior allows human populations to act as multicellular entities in certain contexts.

That, what we are experiencing in these species-level pandemics is a coordinated event orchestrated by our species host, or ADAM and his immune system, to cleanse HIS body(the whole of humanity) of its diseased and dying cells(individuals) within the context of the holobiont(Adam), that is living as an individual species(holon) within a greater holobiont we call Mother Earth.

We Are Legion

Reading Time: 3 Minutes – Author: Michael J Loomis

I believe that we are creators by nature. And in that sense, any creation implies a creator.

Good old Biofilm Earth is one continual act of creation. Birth, lifespan, death, and rebirth. And carbon is the basis of the clay in the hands of our maker as it is in ours and that which we make.

We love to build labor-saving devices. Technologies that extend our natural abilities to supernatural levels. Think John Deere and Caterpillar.

Go visit the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and just look all around. Then take a look back at yourself. See any similarities?

We are an assemblage of a host and the many other species living in, on, or around us, along with the ones that became us. Together we form a discrete ecological unit. Are we not a bio-mechanical extension of the other 99% of DNA-based species that call us home?

The components of a holobiont are individual species or bionts, while the combined genome of all bionts is the hologenome, THE HUMAN.

Maybe it is us that is the heavy lift for the microbial life that inhabits not only the internal terrain of Biofilm Earth, but also our skin, inside and out. Maybe it is us that accomplishes the greater good of those things that worked so hard for so many millennia to realize that they just needed a big help. And so we were formed from the dust of the earth.

Maybe it is not us that is genetically modifying our fruits and vegetables for our good. How selfish. Maybe it is those lifeforms that are utilizing us, influencing us to do their bidding of accelerating their genetic evolution. From a simple field of grass to an ear of robust corn and head of wheat to provide simple energy that just falls to the ground for our creator’s liking.

And all those bacteria, yeast, and fungi needed to do was create us. To do their bidding. To do their heavy lifting. To solve their food problem as they overpopulated Biofilm Earth.

Welcome to Biofilm Earth fellow Holobiont.

We are Legion

Reading Time: 3 Minutes – We Are Legion

by Michael J Loomis