I Learned a Valuable Lesson Today

I learned a valuable lesson today.

If someone is having trouble digesting certain kinds of foods and are seeking advice from you, be sure to find out if they have all of their original body parts intact.

EXAMPLE : If someone has had their gallbladder removed there is a very good chance that they won’t be able to digest fats properly without supplemental enzymes.

If you are someone that is having digestion problems please be sure to consider your prior health problems and surgeries related to those prior surgical interventions in your investigations. Also, please lead with that information if you are seeking advice from someone else.

Personal note to those that have had a gallbladder removed…

If you are someone that has had your gallbladder removed, be aware that your body still needs enough of the right fats even though fat digestion may not be possible without supplemental enzymes. You can’t just stop eating the fats the body needs to function properly and expect the same outcome. That’s not how the body works.